Car registration book is a government-issued proof-of-ownership document which is compulsory for every registered vehicle.

It includes necessary information about the vehicle, for instance, owner’s information, ownership history, details and alterations of the car, and so on. Car registration book is required for the car owner to make any transaction for the car such as buying an insurance policy or paying an annual tax.

So, is there a problem with it?

Firstly, it is a rarely-used document, perhaps once a year or less; people lose it quite often. In this case the owner will lose all vehicle’s history that in the registration book and it could cause many problems when to sell the vehicle. Secondly, there are various types of fraud and misuses involved with car registration books, for instance, import excise tax evasion, theft, document forgery, and etc.

With Verifiable Credentials Standard

digital car registration can solve these problems and improve the overall user experience. Starting with having a digital backup of the transaction history, no more struggle with trustworthiness problem when the owner tries to sell the car with a blank newly-issued registration book. As well as an ability to verify an authenticity and validity of the registration book and its details, including its history from day one. It is next to impossible to commit a fraud of any kind.

So what going to happen in a car purchase is a seller, who is a credential holder, presents a registration book to a buyer, who is a verifier, then the buyer is going to verify the registration and knows every single detail of the underlying car and everything is trustworthy, as simple as that.

New : 2020 Guidance for Decentralized Identity and Verifiable Claims

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