A Driving License is an official document often plastic and about the size of a credit card

permitting a specific individual to operate one or more types of motorized vehicles, such as a motorcycle, car, truck, or bus on a public road. It is always needed when driving and it is mostly in physical form. There are so many short comings associated with Physical Documents such as not secured, easy to get lost and destroyed to mention but a few.

Speaking of Driving License

I recall it was just last month when we were at my sister’s farewell party and my friend Joan who is Diabetic suddenly started losing energy and fainted. Apparently, her sugar levels had spiked up for reasons we were not aware of. I immediately reached out to my Father who was busy addressing Guests to help give a lift to Joan to the nearest Hospital which was a one-hour Journey. My Father acted fast and grabbed his car keys, I helped Joan get into the car and my Mother accompanied us as well just in case we needed elderly support.

Fasten your seat belts

I have to drive fast so that we can be able to make it back to the party on time, those were my Father’s words before we noticed a roadblock ahead! Traffic Police on your right, please slow down!! My Mother notified my Father. Little did we know that it was already too late, and we had to stop. Good evening Sir, how are you? May I have your driving license? Yes sure, my Father searched for it but to no avail. We pleaded for the police officer to let us go because we had an emergency case, but all our pleas fell on deaf ears! The only solution was to go back home and get it. Time check, we were just half-way the journey! Joan had started sweating profusely and we were starting to get scared!

We drove as fast as possible and on reaching home

my Father got the driving license and noticed it had expired the day before! As if that was not enough, we now had to use another route which was longer so as to dodge the roadblock. We luckily got to the hospital just before Joan was about to pass out and she was right away rushed to the Intensive Care Unit.

Looking back now

is when I realize how a digital driving license would come in handy had we had access to it then. My Father would be able to present it to the Police officer by just pulling out his phone and would also be notified of the expiry date in advance. My friend’s life would not have been at stake. It is with such an experience that I appreciate what Finema is trying to solve as I know that so many people out there will gladly benefit from this solution.

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