A Case Study of Using Verifiable Claims to enhance Healthcare Services


Back then in 2016 when not so much was known about the application of blockchain technology, Finema was already thinking of how to apply it to improve our lives and that of the health sector at large. It right away worked towards developing its technology in line with that and we are proud of the developments so far.  It is because of our early belief that we are now able to work with Lisa Medical Hospital (LMH) by implementing our Technology to improve their day-day operations.


Normal day-to-day practice, a patient shall go to LMH and shall be issued a plastic hospital ID Card which has their name, age and hospital number. Each time they visit the hospital, they must come with it. So, it happened that most of the times their Patients kept forgetting their cards so it would be difficult to track their Medical History and the Doctor had to re-examine them all over. Not only that, the medical records of their patients were being stored and kept in box files so they had plenty of files and were running out of storage space plus some important records were being misplaced and it would take a longer time retrieving them in case of an Emergency. Being aware of all these challenges, LMH sought an end-to-end solution offering solution in modern technology to achieve its goals of quality service and lower operation cost.


Currently, Finema is in the process of  providing Digital credentials which include the Hospital ID cards and Patient medical records for LMC where the patients shall have an e-ID wallet that will store all their credentials and the hospital shall have its platform to issue and verify the medical certificates and Hospital IDs cards to its patients as well as enabling proper record management and security.


LMH internal management shall become more efficient as the medical records shall all be in digital format and stored by the Patients hence increasing security and privacy. Patients shall have instant access to their medical history at any time and they can take it with them anywhere unlike before, when they needed their medical history, they had to always go to LMH to retrieve it which was inconveniencing and time wasting.

Further Scalability

We plan to form a consortium of Medical Hospitals who share the same passion and want to improve the medical system to offer long-term and up to date healthcare services. Our solution goes way beyond Digital credentials, we can use the same concept to provide prescription authenticity, online pharmacy transactions, insurance claims case management to mention but a few.

New : 2020 Guidance for Decentralized Identity and Verifiable Claims

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