Plastic Cards in the Digital Age

How many ID cards do you have in your wallet? What we mean by ID cards, here, include any card, paper or plastic, with personal information that can be linked to your identity. They could be a national ID card, a driving license, a student card, a gym membership card or even a loyalty card from your favorite cafe. Hence, an average person who lives in a city could carry around 10-20 ID cards in her wallet. 

In this digital age where we can flush a toilet with our phones, is it still necessary for us to carry that many cards in our pockets? Would our lives not be a lot easier if we could put all our cards into mobile phones?

Finema e-ID Wallet

At Finema, we believe in a better way to live our modern lives. With Finema e-ID wallet, you could digitize all your cards and keep them in a single mobile app. Our e-ID wallet also does not limit to ID cards since it could hold any identity credential such as a birth certificate, a medical certificate and a university transcript.

The e-ID wallet

can also be backed up in the cloud, so our users will never again lose all their ID cards by dropping physical wallets. If you lose your phone, your identity will be safe in the cloud and ready to be retrieved.

Presenting Your Identity with QR Code

In the near future, business transactions will be lightning fast since all identity documents could be sent and verified digitally. When you visit your favorite cafe, the loyalty card in the e-ID wallet will be converted into a QR code on your screen. The barista will then scan it with her phone and record your purchase in the Finema blockchain.

Selective Disclosure

If you are quite young looking and go into a bar, the bartender will sometimes ask for an ID card to see whether you are above the drinking age. You could show her your national ID card and expose all your personal information including first name, surname, dates of birth, home address, national ID number, & etc. Doing so puts yourself at risk of identity theft and cybercrimes. Should you risk losing your identity to simply get a drink?

To get a drink

the bartender only needs to know that you are above, say, 20 years old and nothing else, not even your date of birth. With Finema e-ID wallet, you will be able to prove that you are above 20 years old without revealing other information. The hidden information will be securely encrypted by cryptographic protocols and convince the bartender beyond any doubt that you are telling her the truth.


believes that such an ability to minimally disclose personal information belongs to all individuals. We always strive toward building a better society where privacy is a default.

New : 2020 Guidance for Decentralized Identity and Verifiable Claims

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