Education System with Digital Identity Technology

Getting into the right college is every parent’s dream for their children, but in reality the process can be long and frustrating. Every year, hundreds of thousands of students are applying for universities either directly or through the national admission system. Besides preparing for the test, the process of paving students’ way for a better future can be confusing and filled with a lot of required documents. The process is quite a lot for a 17-year-old person to manage. Finema knows the importance of helping the next generation pursue their dreams. In 2019, we partnered with Khon Kaen University to implement self-sovereign identity technology across all the critical areas of university administration, including providing digital student cards, e-signature, and online academic record.

We want to introduce you to Malee.

Being a single child and getting into university is a massive deal for her and her parents. She was about to graduate from high school and began to gather all the documents to register for the national admission system. The list of documents included her original ID card, a copy of her ID card, a copy of house registration, a copy of her graduation certificate, and other documents that she was not sure of how to get them.

While she was hunting the documents down

Malee found out that her Mom lost the house registration book and they needed to go to the government office to get a new one. After that, she had to go to her school office to ask for the graduation certificate, pay the fee, then find a copy store to make a copy of every document for her. This process took her around a week. However, it paid off! Malee passed the exam and is now joining one of the best universities in Thailand in a few months.

Malee was thrilled and excited

until she found out she needs to gather all the documents again to submit it to her university. Beyond the time she needs to spend, she knows that anyone can create a fake set of documents and send it to the university. The signed copy is just a paper that is very easy to fake. The only way for the university to confirm if these documents are legit is by checking with the issuer. Someone needs to check with the government system to confirm her ID card. Then, they need to check with her school to confirm her educational background. If someone from the university makes a small mistake, it could lead her to not getting her education at all. Why can’t everything be digitized? So Malee can focus on the exam and excitement of getting into the university of her dreams.

Self-sovereign identity

technology can make a difference for Malee and every student in Thailand. Students can keep important documents on the cloud, secured to their mobile phone using modern cryptography and biometrics. The digital identity technology allows a person to verify their identity instantly, both face-to-face and remotely with no need to gather a pile of paper documents and be present every time.

Finema’s project with Khon Kaen University is just the beginning of Digital Identity Technology in Thailand. Our vision is to apply self-sovereign identity technology to every university, school, and education authority. This will make not only students’ lives better; it will also increase efficiency and trust in the education system for everyone involved. Wondering how it is possible?

New : 2020 Guidance for Decentralized Identity and Verifiable Claims

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