Zero-knowledge Proof Technology with Dating App

Have you ever been to those dating sites? Ever swiped left and right on the subway home? What kind of information is being shown about the person to help you choose if they are a good match or not? Pictures, names, short descriptions, and age?

A lot of people indeed prefer a specific age range.

If you Google now, you will see that there are even specific dating sites for people in each age range. But doesn’t providing this information kind of take the romance away a little bit? Not that dating apps are super romantic to start with, but is judging people within a few seconds by their age a bit much?

Age appropriate companionship is critical, yet it can be discriminatory. In 2018, Emile Ratelband, a health conscious 69-year-old even petitioned Dutch courts to legally reduce his age, because advertising his age as 69 did not match his excellent health and youthful appearance. With Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP), Emile can prove that he is “over 40” or “younger than 80” without revealing his birthday or exact age. But what if you could still respect the age preference of people using dating apps, without revealing the precise age of prospective matches?

It is possible, and we call it Zero-Knowledge proof.

Now, Emile can choose not to reveal his exact age to potential lovers on his dating app. If anyone has a specific preferred age range, he can tell them via the system if his age falls into that range or not that is to say- yes or no – without revealing his exact age. So, if someone is looking for a match older than 50, they will receive a yes or no indicator that Emile is within that range. But wouldn’t see his exact age of 69.

This will help reduce discrimination against his age. Now Emile and everyone can find their soulmates online while feeling more comfortable and less judged. The Zero-Knowledge proof technology allows you to be in charge of your own data. You can choose what, when, where, why and how to share your personal information.

If you want to go to a bar

and they want to know if you are above 20 or not, you can just let them scan your phone to say you are above 20, without sharing the data of your exact age. If your bank wants to know if you just used your credit card in Mexico or not, you could just say yes or no, without telling them where you are.

Zero-knowledge proof technology

can certainly be applied to many more industries, not just dating apps. Get in touch to explore how we can help take you and your organization into the next era of privacy and data sharing!


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