To intensify our activities on a global scale, we recognize the value of reaching clients in multiple ways.​

Partner Resources and Benefits​

Deal Registration
Secure your deals with online registration
Sales & Marketing
Increase your sales velocity
Training & Support
All you need to get started
Partner Policy
What you should comply with
Code of Conduct
How you should conduct yourself

Why Partner?

In today's competitive economy, cultivating strategic partner relationships is crucial to any company's long-term success.
Finema recognizes the importance of partner relationships and is dedicated to providing attractive profit margins and commisstions.
At Finema, partners are an asset. We do not consider our partners just as an outlet for selling products, but as a part of the Finema Team.
We are constantly innovating new products to ensure success and reward your partnership progress.

Partnership Categories

Referral Partner
Referral Partners identify opportunities and refer Finema products to their customers.
Reseller Partner
Reseller partners resell all or part of the Finema product portfolio
Integrator Partner
Integrator partners add Finema solutions to their services, thus adding value to their products.