Use Cases

Public Safety​

Finema's comprehensive approach to public security involves leveraging cutting-edge technologies to verify identities, control access, and secure document authentication. This can have wide-ranging applications across various industries, contributing to a safer and more secure environment.

Financial Services​

Finema's products not only meet the regulatory requirements imposed on the financial sector but also enhance the overall security posture. The combination of eKYC, biometrics, and digital signatures creates a comprehensive solution that streamlines processes, minimizes fraud risk, and establishes a secure foundation for financial interactions.​

International Trade

Finema plays a pivotal role in establishing a secure and reliable online ecosystem. By streamlining onboarding processes, enhancing security through biometrics, and creating a robust framework, Finema contributes to the development of a digital environment where individuals and businesses can operate with confidence in the integrity of their online identities.​

Digital Travel Credential​

Finema's solutions are positioned as vital tools for the travel industry, optimizing passenger verification, enhancing airport security, and creating secure digital passports. These contributions collectively result in a more streamlined and seamless travel experience for individuals, airlines, and airports alike.​

Border Management​

The use of eKYC, biometrics, and digital identity solutions in border management provides a powerful toolkit for ensuring national security, enhancing identification processes, and creating secure documentation for travelers. The integration of these technologies contributes to a more effective and streamlined border control system.​


Finema's products meet critical needs in the healthcare sector by addressing challenges related to patients and onboarding, enhancing patient identification, ensuring record authentication, and securing sensitive healthcare information. These solutions collectively contribute to the improvement of efficiency, security, and privacy within the healthcare ecosystem.​