Environmentally Policy

Everybody at Finema recognizes the benefits of developing

the business in an environmentally responsible and friendly manner, considering changing environmental issues and the need for compliance with legal requirements.
We believe that even small contributions
to the preservation of the environment are important to pursue so we endeavor to conduct all our business activities and operations to be in line with the best environmental practice while seeking continual improvement in all our activities.
All our staff must be aware of their responsibility to operate within the law and to apply principles of best environmental practice.

We have achieved this by being efficient in our use of energy

and natural resources and to reduce consumption within our offices, for instance advising our staff to switch off lights and appliances when not in use. Minimizing waste by encouraging the use of previously used paper within the internal operation, recycling of paper, cardboard and printer cartridges. We do not promote the use of plastics and we have achieved this by using eco-friendly products.
We strive to protect the safety and health of our staff, customers, and the public. By integrating sound environmental practices into all aspects of our operations.