Human Rights Policy

Finema conducts

its business in a way that respects the rights and dignity of all people, complying with all applicable laws and regulations. Our policies reflect our commitment to respecting the protection of International recognized Human Rights.

All employment with Finema is voluntary. We do not accept the use of child or forced labor in any of our operations or facilities. Any kind of unacceptable treatment of workers, including but not limited to the exploitation of children, physical punishment or abuse, or involuntary servitude is not tolerated at Finema. We fully respect all applicable laws establishing a minimum age for employment, so as to support the effective abolition of child labor worldwide.

Finema abides by all laws and regulations regarding pay practices and also the classification of employment consistent with job level and status.

We believe everyone should be treated with respect no matter their background. Lots of people suffer from discrimination within the world of labor today. This not only violates human rights, but also has vast economic and social consequences therefore, Finema shall not knowingly unlawfully discriminate and that we are committed to the equal treatment of all employees and applicants for employment. We are dedicated to the elimination of discrimination based on gender, race, economic status, ethnic background, sexual orientation, age, disability, political beliefs, veteran status, marital status or any other protected class.


Employees and suppliers are expected to comply with this and all applicable Finema policies.Violation of this policy or the refusal to cooperate will end in disciplinary action, up to and including termination and referral to the appropriate authorities, where we have sound reason to believe that our partner organizations violate Human Rights, we reserve the right to cease those relationships as warranted.
With regards to this policy, employees and suppliers are expected to
Never infringe on human rights and to be alert to any evidence of human rights infringements in our direct operations or in the operations of our business partners and report any situation in which a human rights violation is suspected.