Elevate your document signing experience with FinéSign, a cutting-edge digital signature platform fortified by the robust security of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology. Designed for unparalleled convenience, FinéSign empowers you to generate legally compliant digital signatures effortlessly through a user-friendly online platform. Whether you're on a smartphone or computer, FinéSign ensures seamless access to your digital signing capabilities anytime, anywhere.​

KEY Features

PKI Security

Embrace a heightened level of document security with FinéSign's incorporation of Public Key Infrastructure technology. Our platform ensures that your digital signatures meet the highest standards of legal compliance, providing you with the peace of mind that your documents are secure and tamper-proof.

User-Friendly Interface

Experience the simplicity of digital signing with FinéSign's intuitive online platform. Creating digital signatures has never been easier, making FinéSign accessible to users of all levels of technological expertise.​

Cross-Device Compatibility

Seamlessly transition between your smartphone and computer without compromising functionality. FinéSign is designed to accommodate your on-the-go lifestyle, offering a consistent and efficient digital signing experience across various devices.​

FaceID Verification

Elevate the security of your digital signatures with the integration of FaceID technology. Ensure that each signature is uniquely tied to the authorized individual, adding an extra layer of authentication to your document signing process.​

One-Time E-Signature Setup

Streamline your workflow with FinéSign's one-time e-signature setup. Your initial signature verification process is quick and hassle-free, allowing you to focus on what matters most – signing documents with confidence.​

Versatile Document Signing

Say goodbye to the complexities of document signing. FinéSign supports the signing of a wide range of documents through its application or website, providing you with a comprehensive solution for all your digital signing needs​​
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Ensure the authenticity and integrity of your digital records with TrueTime's advanced e-timestamping service. Streamline your document management and enhance security with the following features

KEY Features

Secure Timestamp Accuracy

TrueTime delivers precise and accurate timestamps for indisputable record-keeping.​

Tamper-Proof Protection

Safeguard against unauthorized changes with tamper-evident technology.​

Legal Admissibility

Establish legal validity with a robust timeline for electronic information.​

Compliance Assurance

Stay effortlessly compliant with industry standards and regulatory requirements.​

Efficient Document Storage

Minimize resource usage and optimize storage with centralized digital solutions.​

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